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Here at English in Action we can provide that missing piece to student's English education.
So what are you waiting for?


One week intensive English courses | The results speak for themselves!

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We want the experience to be enjoyable for both you and for your students. The most rewarding thing for teachers is watching the students enjoy using English, especially at the end of course show. The lasting confidence boost that students gain will make it all worth while!

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  1. Native speaker teachers flown direct from the UK
  2. An exciting range of activities and excercises that get students using real English
  3. A chance to demonstrate to parents what the children have acheived at the end of week show


We have lots of help on our website to if you want to organise a course. We also have some useful downloads.

We are always ready to help if you need us,
get in touch by:

  1. Email. info@englishinaction.com
  2. Tel. +44 (0)1227 818 250
  3. Or visit us at EnglishinAction.com

eiatitle10 Questions You Should Askeiatitle

  1. Are your teachers qualified?

All our teachers hold a recognised EFL or state school teaching qualification.

  1. Are your teachers native speakers?

Our teachers are UK-based native speakers, flown out to you by English in Action.

  1. Is there a structured learning programme?

All our courses offer structured learning programmes with core outcomes specified through ‘can do’ statements.

  1. Are workbooks provided?

All students are provided with specially developed workbooks, plus EiA pens and folders.

  1. Do you have external accreditation?

We are the only in-school course provider inspected and accredited by EAQUALS (www.eaquals.org).

  1. Do you have a proven track record?

EiA pioneered in-school English project weeks and has been working with schools for more than 20 years.

  1. Can you provide testimonials?

Not only can we provide testimonials from countless satisfied schools, we can also put you in contact with a school in your area that has worked with us.

  1. Can you help schools promote courses?

Our team of promotions staff can provide demonstration classes for potential participants or presentations for parents.

  1. Do you have a strong support network?

We have a staff of 20 based at our head office in Canterbury to provide support before, during and after your course.

  1. Do schools re-book your courses?

95% of schools who have had an English in Action week with their students book with us again!